Install Mojolicious

Install Mojolicious . In Perl, use the cpan or cpanm command to install the module. CPAN is a site where many modules created by volunteers are registered. A module is a part of a program.

Mojolicious is also registered on CPAN as a module, so you can install and use it.

For Windows

For Windows, use the cpan command to install the module. You can install Mojolicious using the cpan command.

cpan Mojolicious

For Mac OS X, Linux, Unix-like OS

For Mac OS X, Linux, Unix-like OS, I think that cpanm is installed by the procedure of Perl installation. You can use cpanm to install modules in a personal user environment, so use cpanm to install modules.

cpanm Mojolicious

Make sure Mojolicious is installed

The easiest way to check if Mojolicious is installed is to check if the Mojolicious documentation exists. You can read the module documentation using the perldoc command.

Check if Mojolicious is installed using the perldoc command.

perldoc Mojolicious

If you see the Mojolicious documentation, your Mojolicious installation is complete.

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